Software Quality Assurance Engineer

Job Location: 2107 N 1 st Street, Suite 500, San Jose, CA, 95131.


  • Leading quality assurance testing for large-scale, eCommerce web applications, tools, software
  • Supporting continuous integration process improvement and innovation using CI/CD tool like Jenkins
  • Writing test plans, test strategy and test cases (automated) using Java and Selenium WebDriver in Eclipse IDE
  • Identifying opportunities for improved software development lifecycle
  • Troubleshooting critical defects in software coding
  • Working closely with the Developers and Engineers to achieve a high level of code coverage
  • Assisting in providing guidance to offshore associates
  • Socializing and Collaborating testing efforts with peers
  • Providing guidance to team in testing web technology including HTTP headers, HTTP Verbs (post, get, etc.)
  • Validating and certifying web services using Postman / TestNG etc. tools 
  • Developing software quality assurance (SQA) project plans
  • Creating models compliance with company policies and procedures and supports company mission, values, and standards of ethics and integrity
  • Participating in medium- to large-scale project, providing and supporting the implementation of business solutions
  • Providing test results for coding errors, supporting code development using Java for eCommerce projects.


  • Education:Require Bachelor’s Degree or foreign equivalent in Information Technology, Computer Information Systems, Electronics Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, or a related field.
  • Require 5 years of experience in job offered, Software Consultant, Software Engineer, Test Engineer, Lead or related using Buganizer, Unix Scripting, Agile Methodologies. Require travel/relocations to various unanticipated locations throughout the United States.

Email your resume to

        Refer Job Code: QA
        Tranzeal Inc
        Attn: Chief Operating Officer
        2107 N 1 st Street, Suite 500, San Jose CA
        Phone No:1-408-441-2734.