Adding scale with SaaS for Allianz


Today's customer expects a more personalised level of service with minimal or zero wait times. Allianz, one of the most innovative insurers on the planet, understood that customers expectations had changed and their online solutions would need to match this shift. The key touchpoint for customers was either with Allianz directly or with their brokers and Allianz decided to improve this interaction experience.


We worked with Allianz’s transformation team to build a complete insurance SaaS platform by moving the client’s existing on premise software to the cloud. From ideation, design and prototyping we built a digital platform for their brokers and clients. Today, this SaaS platform has helped Allianz save tremendous costs while improving engagement across the board. We improved customer onboarding and ease of us. The process of “calculation and control” was reduced from seven days to just four hours, thanks to the new platform that centralized all operations of Allianz’s sales.

Technologies Used: Grails, Java, CXF, JMS, AngularJS, Redis