Digital Signature management infrastructure


Digitally generated credit card statements are a huge benefit for customers and financial institutions alike. By being personalised to the customer and automated to be emailed at specified intervals, they take on the tremendous task of reporting to customers. Tranzeal worked with a leading financial institution to build a robust and endlessly scalable digital credit card statement solution.


We built a Scala/Akka based server solution that implements processes for parsing over 17 statements formats (print spools, fixed length format, legacy statements stored with custom RLE compression on Microsoft MDB formats and proprietary binary format using), batch PDF generation, massive mailing processes and storage maintenance processes. Scala conciseness and native XML support simplified parser development (Adobe LiveCycle supports XML model formats). Akka enabled us to structure the different processes in segregated non-blocking / blocking actors.

The end result of our endeavours were:

  • Emails for statement distribution can now be customized depending on account/customer segmentation.
  • The client now has a unified platform for statement storage and PDF generation (both online and batch).
  • With hybrid storage (SQL / File based) the client now has enhanced scalability, limited only by hardware.

Technologies Used:
Java, Scala, Akka, Adobe Livecycle, Grails