Mobile Insurance Platform for Allianz


The right mobility strategy can dramatically improve performance and customer satisfaction levels. Allianz, one of the world’s biggest insurers, wanted to create a smoother user experience for their customers. They wanted to move customers to a limited DIY model where customers could self care, file claims and contact their broker or the call centre with a single tap. Allianz also wanted to improve processes through backend integration.


Tranzeal helped Allianz adopt mobility through a phase wise approach.The first step was to build a state of the art Android application to perform and automate many of the processes done by customer service reps. This allowed for better accuracy and significant time and cost savings. To support business growth, we integrated the app within the backend to support overall business growth.

The app’s smooth learning curve helped customers easily engage with Allianz and claims filled through the app have been growing to be 45% of the total claims as today.

Technologies Used: Objective C, Swift, Java