Paper to bits, transforming social security


It’s always a challenge for a legacy organisation to adapt to newer technologies. Established processes and practices need to be replaced and although there are some pains of adoption, the rewards in efficiency, transparency and accountability are worth it. A leading financial institution wanted to better organize its massive paper based workflows and for this, they turn to Tranzeal.


Through the engagement, our aim was to transform their paper workflows to PDF based. The paper based processes required a physical signature which delayed the overall process. Sometimes, requests were raised up to the directors and could be delayed by months. With Tranzeal’s solution, the overall processes become more efficient and the asset’s control was improved. They can track every request ant matched with the OPEX.

The end result has been a huge improvement in productivity. Document management has become easier and with enhanced archiving, each document has transformed from paper to a knowledge asset.

Technologies Used:

  • Adobe LiveCycle ES (Forms, PDF Generator, Process Management, Reader Extensions, Digital Signatures) as BPM tool
  • Development tools LC Workbench and Adobe Designer
  • LC extension in java